The key to effective teamwork

The most prominent reason for the lack of effective team work in an organisation is simple to pin-point: it’s poor listening. Or the lack of it altogether.

Listening – a well-tuned ear increases mutual respect and teamwork. From the CEO’s office to the shop floor, listening can spell the difference between cooperation and mistrusting and jealousy.

Listening empowers people, adding strength and commitment to their natural abilities, improving teamwork, productivity, and motivation.

When people are not in tune with each other, the result is chaos. Low productivity and the resulting low moral almost always traces back to people working against, instead of with, one another. It’s often unintentional, but it happens often. Team leaders across Asia agree that the culprit is poor communication, and poor listening is the dominant theme.

Good listening, on the other hand, improves both attitude and cooperation. This inseparable duo changes performance and productivity immediately. Morale improves, mistakes begin to disappear, and when everyone works in harmony the organization builds an unbeatable strength.

Exceptional listening is the prelude to a high performance team. It always has been. It involves both caring and comprehension, head and heart. Everyone pays attention when they’re truly interested. This human regard helps people tune into each other and take each other seriously.

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